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Tonna’s $1,154 Furnace & A/C Trade-In Explained

Have you ever wondered how Tonna has “wowed” over ten thousand homeowners? How about how they keep thousands of “Just Right” Comfort Club members? Most clients don’t realize that Tonna’s…... Read Article

Heat Pumps for Heating & Cooling?!

There’s a lot of questions surrounding heat pumps and how they can be utilized by homeowners in the Rochester area. Which is no surprise since there is a growing interest…... Read Article

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

From the Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Experts As Minnesotans, we get excited at the sight of the fall colors but it’s not always the same feeling when we are sealing…... Read Article

Changing the Game

Tonna is changing the way that homeowners once utilized heating, cooling & plumbing companies. They’re making communication, maintenance, and repairs easier for their customers. With over 1,000 reviews at a…... Read Article

A/C Summer Care Tips

If you’re a first-time homeowner or have dealt with forced-air A/C units for years, the more information you can find to care for yours the better. Sometimes giving Google a…... Read Article

A Real Treat of a Deal

Spring seems to be taking its time this year bringing in the warm weather. Almost like it forgot about us… sad. That’s one reason you probably haven’t even thought about…... Read Article

Avoid Costly Malfunctions

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The snow melts, plants sprout, birds chirp, our air conditioning A-Coils malfunction and we forget about our furnace blower wheel. Yeah, probably not…... Read Article

Consistent Home Temperatures

What to do about bedrooms that stay too warm? How to heat a basement that stays too cold without setting the main-floor thermostat to Sahara temperatures? Window A/Cs & space…... Read Article

The Secret Sauce Revealed: How to Save Nearly $3,500 in March

Wouldn’t it be nice if companies told you how to save the most money? Well, that’s what Tonna Mechanical is doing on their Promotions webpage, but read on if you…... Read Article

Why Is Duct Cleaning Important?

It might come as no surprise to most Southeastern Minnesota residents that our home’s air quality is affected by our air ducts. If you’ve ever been brave enough to peer…... Read Article

Is Radon on Your Radar?

Between cosmetic updates, leaky pipes, changing filters, and landscaping upkeep there’s always something to do when you’re a homeowner. Some of your home’s needs are fairly apparent and you can…... Read Article

How Does Financing a Furnace Really Work?

For many homeowners in Southeastern Minnesota investing in a new heating unit can be a daunting adventure just to even think about. But, going without heat during the Minnesota winters…... Read Article

Why Get a New Heating Unit in Winter?

The coldest months in Minnesota last from the end of November until March with extreme temperature swings in February and March. These extreme lows in temperature could mean trouble for…... Read Article

5 Tips to Help Your Furnace Deal with Extreme Cold

When temperatures dip down into the “air hurts my face” temperatures, you can bet your heating system is working really hard to keep you and your home warm. Strain can…... Read Article